Paragraphs in HTML

February 2017


HTML considers paragraphs to be blocks of text. Browsers do their best to fit the contents of paragraphs into the window, unless the NOWRAP or NOBR attribute is explicitly specified.
Within a paragraph, all spaces, tabs, and line breaks each count as a single space.

To place text in blocks, the pair of tags <p> and </p> is used. This tag can include any of the previously mentioned atributes.

Line breaks (skipping from one line to the next) are created using the <br/> tag.

The <hr> is used for inserting a horizontal line.

Tag Attribute Visual Effect
<br/>   line break
<p> and </p>   paragraph
<hr size=5 width=20% align=left> SIZE


Tags which are used to indent text are called containers.

Container Visual Effect
<blockquote> and </blockquote>
Indented text
<address> and </address>
For writing contact information
<note> and </note> For writing a note
<fn> and </fn> For creating a footnote
<banner> and </banner> Makes a block of text fixed relative to the page
<pre> and </pre>
For writing preformatted text;
	keeping spaces, line breaks, and tabs intact


Párrafos en HTML
Párrafos en HTML
Paragraphes en HTML
Paragraphes en HTML
Paragrafi in HTML
Paragrafi in HTML
Parágrafos em HTML
Parágrafos em HTML
Użycie formularzy
Użycie formularzy
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