Mini HowTo Documents

February 2017

Mini HOW-TO Documents

The mini HowTo documents are a set of documentations written by different people on very specific topics concerning Linux. Below you will find a (non exhaustive) list of HowTo documents written or translated into French:

HOW-To Description
3Dfx-HOWTO Use of the 3Dfx accelerator cards under Linux
Accessibility-HOWTO Use of adaptive technologies under Linux
Alpha-HOWTO Presentation of Alpha systems and processors
Apache-mods Documentation on Apache modules
Assembly-HOWTO Information on programming in assembler on x86 systems
Authentication-Gateway-HOWTO Implementation of an authentication gateway
AX25-HOWTO Configuration of a AX25 network (Hertzian network)
Benchmarking-HOWTO Evaluation of the performance of Linux systems
Beowulf-HOWTO Introduction to the Beowulf Supercomputer architecture
Bootdisk-HOWTO Creating boot disks
BootPrompt-HOWTO Presentation of the different boot systems and their usable arguments
Busmouse-HOWTO Use of a serial mouse under Linux
CDROM-HOWTO Use of a CD-ROM (IDE or SCSI) drive under Linux
CD-Writing-HOWTO Use of rewritable CD-R/CD-RW drives under Linux
Chinese-HOWTO Use of the Chinese character set under Linux
Commercial-HOWTO List of commercial software running under Linux
Config-HOWTO Configuring Linux in accordance with your needs
DNS-HOWTO Configuring DNS under Linux
DocBook-Install Use of DocBookx
DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO From MS-DOS to Linux
DOSEMU-HOWTO Emulating DOS under Linux
Emacspeak-HOWTO Use of Emacs with Linux
Ethernet-HOWTO Compatibility of Ethernet cards with Linux
Firewall-HOWTO Installing a firewall system under Linux
Framebuffer-HOWTO Using access peripherals to the video memory
French-HOWTO Use of the French character set under Linux
Ftape-HOWTO Use of Ftape readers with Linux
GCC-HOWTO Configuring GCC and development libraries
Glibc2-HOWTO Installation and migration to the library Glibc2
Hardware-HOWTO Lists of peripheral devices and materials known to run under Linux
Installation-HOWTO Obtaining and installing Linux
IPCHAINS-HOWTO Installing ipchains under Linux
IPX-HOWTO Management of new firewall rules
ISP-Hookup-HOWTO Connecting to the Internet via a provider under Linux
Java-CGI-HOWTO Implementing CGI scripts using Java under Linux
Kernel-HOWTO Updating and compiling the Linux kernel
Keyboard-and-Console-HOWTO Information regarding the keyboard, console, and non-ASCII characters
KickStart-HOWTO Use of the Kickstart of the RedHat distribution
LinuxDoc+Emacs+Ispell-HOWTO Help for creating and translating HowTos
List of HOWTOs List of HOWTO documents
Mail-HOWTO Information on the administration of electronic mail servers and their clients
MGR-HOWTO Use of MGR cards under Linux
MILO-HOWTO Information on the functioning of the MIniLOader
Modems-HOWTO Installation of a modem under Linux
Multi-Disk-HOWTO Use of multi-disk systems
MP3-HOWTO The MP3 format under Linux
NET4-HOWTO Configuring a TCP/IP network under Linux
Net-HOWTO Configuring a TCP/IP network under Linux
Networking-Overview-HOWTO Networking possibilities under Linux
NFS-HOWTO Configuring NFS clients and servers under Linux
NIS-HOWTO Use of NIS under Linux
Optical-Disk-HOWTO Installing and configuring optical disk reading peripherals
Oracle-HOWTO Installing and configuring an Oracle database server under Linux
PalmOS-HOWTO Use of PalmOS under Linux
PCI-HOWTO Use of PCI peripherals under Linux
Plug-and-Play-HOWTO Linux and plug-and-play
PostgreSQL-HOWTO Use of the PostgreSQL database server under Linux
PPP-HOWTO Use of the point-to-point (PPP) protocol under Linux
Printing-HOWTO Using printing programs under Linux
Reading-List-HOWTO List of interesting publications regarding Linux
Root-RAID-HOWTO Configuring a RAID system
RPM-HOWTO Using RPM packages
SCSI-Programming-HOWTO Programming the SCSI interface under Linux
Serial-HOWTO Documentation on the serial port
Serial-Programming-HOWTO Programming the serial port system under Linux
Shadow-Password-HOWTO Installing and configuring shadow passwords
Software-RAID-HOWTO RAID applications running under Linux
Software-Release-Practice-HOWTO Publication of applications running under Linux
Sound-HOWTO Material and applications which make it possible to use sound under Linux
Sound-Playing-HOWTO Reading different sound file formats under Linux
SRM-HOWTO Booting an Alpha processor with SRM
SSL-Certificates-HOWTO Documentation on SSL and the certificates
TclTk-HOWTO Documentation on the Tcl script language
TeTeX-HOWTO Installing and using the TeTeX software
UMSDOS-HOWTO Installing and using the UMSDOS file system under Linux
Unicode-HOWTO Documentation on Unicode
Unix-and-Internet-Fundamentals-HOWTO Documentation on the use of Internet on UNIX systems
UPS-HOWTO Use of undulators under Linux
Usenet-News-HOWTO Using News servers
User-Group-HOWTO Developing a Linux user group
UUCP-HOWTO Configuring a UUCP under LInux
VAR-HOWTO List of companies participating in the Linux project
Vim-HOWTO Vi improved
Virtual-Services-HOWTO Setup of services under Linux
VPN-HOWTO Setup of (RPV or VPN) virtual private networks under Linux
WWW-HOWTO Installing and configuring Web clients and servers under Linux
WWW-mSQL-HOWTO Setup of a mSQL database server under Linux
XFree86-HOWTO Recovery, installation and configuration of XFree86


Minis HowTo
Minis HowTo
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Mini HowTo
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