Shared Hosting

February 2017

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting involves hosting several websites on the same server. This solution is relatively inexpensive and allows clients to benefit from a high-quality service at a reasonable price.

This type of option offers a server with a set configuration and a software offer (server, databases, email accounts, distribution lists server, etc.) as well as a specific amount of storage space.

In this type of solution, clients do not have direct access to the server as an administrator. The server is configured through web interfaces. Therefore, it is important to verify which configuration parameters can be set (configuration of the domain name server, web server, database management system, etc.).

Figuring out what to choose

In order to choose a shared host, a client must determine its needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of options generally offered by hosts who offer shared hosting:

  • Allocated disk space
  • Authorized bandwidth: verify whether or not there are surcharges if authorized traffic is exceeded
  • Type of server: check the configuration (htaccess)
  • Languages supported by the server
  • Domain names
    • Possibility to configure virtual domains
    • Number of domain names
    • Number of subdomains
  • Access by SSH
  • File updating by FTP
  • Email server
    • Existence of webmail
    • Number of email accounts allowed
    • Number of email aliases authorized
    • Option to collect emails using an alias
    • Option to forward emails to an external address
    • Presence of antivirus and antispam software
    • Distribution list manager supplied
    • Automatic answering service
  • Database management server
    • Type
    • Maximum number of databases
    • Managing the database by web interface
  • Statistics
    • Access to statistics worked out by web interface
    • Access to raw logs
    • Additional web services
      • Email contact form
      • Personalised counter


Alojamiento compartido
Alojamiento compartido
Hébergement mutualisé (mutualized hosting)
Hébergement mutualisé (mutualized hosting)
Hosting condiviso
Hosting condiviso
Alojamento partilhado (mutualized hosting)
Alojamento partilhado (mutualized hosting)
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