Web - Boomarks

February 2017


While surfing the Web, you'll often come across an interesting website or page and want to record its address so that you can return to it later. This is what bookmarks (sometimes called favorites) are used for.

They let you create a virtual bookmark so you can come back later to the page you're reading.

How do you create a bookmark?

Browsers generally have a feature to do this, but it's sometimes called by different names:

  • In Mozilla Firefox, it's Bookmarks, accessible from the menu bar.
  • In Internet Explorer, it's Favorites, accessible from the menu bar.
  • In Netscape, it's Bookmarks.
Most of the time, the shortcut key CTRL-D opens a dialogue box that allows you to bookmark the current page.

Managing bookmarks

When the number of bookmarks becomes too large, it can be difficult to find the one you want. For this reason, browsers normally have tools that let you manage bookmarks by organizing them in folders. Feel free to tidy up your bookmarks to surf more efficiently!


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