Browsing CCM

October 2017

How do you Browse the Site?

CCM is structured around a welcome page with topic folders grouped by category.

Clicking on one of these topics brings you to its first article (usually a general introduction).

To read the following articles, use the navigation arrows found at the bottom of the article to move between the articles within the topic.

You can also directly access a specific article in the topic by using the "Table of contents" tab.

Searching for Information

Users looking for specific information can use the website's internal search engine. There is a textbox in the upper-left-hand corner of the page for searching all articles, using one or several search terms separated by spaces.

So to search all articles about PHP and e-mail, you would enter:

php e-mail

The results are shown in a window that gives the list of articles containing each of the search terms.

Finally, a table at the bottom of the page shows the 40 terms most frequently requested by users of the kioskea search engine.

It is possible to restrict the search to certain parts of the site like:

  • All - returns all results with the most relevant first.
  • Tips - returns all the tricks corresponding to the query.
  • Buying Guide - returns all articles related to the current search.
  • Forum - returns the threads of the forum related to the current search.
  • Download - returns the downloadable softwares related to the current search.
  • News - returns the news related to the current search.
  • Reviews - returns only the articles related to the query.


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