Community Management

September 2017

The role of internal Community Managers

The Community Managers (CM) are the privileged interlocutors of the moderators. They must be able to answer their questions, to take some important decisions, trace their remarks to the staff concerned and keep abreast of the needs of developments.

Relationship brands and external CM

Representatives of a brand are welcome on the forums provided that:
- Their nicknames clearly indicate their affiliation with this brand,
- They do not start new threads, to promote their brand directly or indirectly,
- They meet the users in accordance with the free will and the competition rules,
- In any case their interventions have to be an advertising in disguise,

Use of private messaging is allowed to retrieve personal information, but the rest of the discussion should take place on the forum.
Under these conditions, the mention of the title and / or the brand's signature is also allowed.

Moderators keep their authority over these representatives to moderate their messages if necessary. They can alert the CM to indicate their reasons for restraint, and allow them to take over the brand representative to talk with him.

If an agent wants this status, to use his right of reply, he can contact the Community Manager : Ambucias.

Poll / witnesses call / petition

CCM is not intended to serve as a support for any surveys or calls witnesses. So any such messages will be deleted.
However, prior application may be made to the webmasters and / or community managers and will be considered in the interest of all.


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