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Lunascape Orion is a combination of three engines browser which are Trident, Gecko and WebKit. Its ability to go from one rendering engine to another makes it available everywhere.

Key features

Auto-Switch: Some web pages cannot be displayed on some browsers. But this feature of the software enables the user to set the pages that need to work with the given browser by adding them in the engine auto-switch list.

Search mode: Lunascape Orion has a quick search mode function. And not only is it quick but the items like words or phrases can also be highlighted. The user may do this by a simple mouse click and even add new items.

Viewing: The program has also a cascade view feature mainly used for viewing tabs' contents side by side. This is possible with a single window in which three tabs will be displayed for the user to have a sight on them.

Restoring: Lunascape Orion also offers the possibility to retrieve bookmarks, plugins or history which might have been deleted by accident. The user has just to click on the Restore profile menu and the program will back them up automatically.


Lunascape Orion is a software downloadable for free.


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Alternative spelling: LunaSetup697_ml11_gl.exe
Latest update on July 6, 2015 at 05:57 AM.