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Magic Mail Monitor

2.94 beta 19
Magic Mail Monitor
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Magic Mail Monitor is a handy tool that notifies users of new incoming messages on mailboxes. It is developed by GrigSoft.

Key Features

  • Notification: once installed on the computer system, Magic Mail Monitor silently sits in the system tray. Every time an incoming email is arriving at mailboxes, users will be notified immediately. It is worth to note that this program supports several accounts.
  • Preview messages: Magic Mail Monitor lets users have an overview of the incoming mail. For that, the app displays the mail size, title, sender, subject as well as the date and hour it is sent. This avoids encountering spam and viruses.
  • Basic management: this utility is featured with basic management tools. For instance, it can read, filter and delete unwanted mail if necessary. Note that protected messages cannot be deleted by this program.
  • Improvements: for this latest version, enhancements have been made to Magic Mail Monitor. Filters as well as friends list are in the center of this improvement. The interface has become multilingual and the program now supports KOI8 and UTF8 encodings.


  • Magic Mail Monitor is downloadable free of charge.


  • Nothing special to report.


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Alternative spelling: magic-2.94