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Screen Recorder DemoCreator

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Screen Recorder DemoCreator
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
There is a time while your correspondents want to see what is going on your computer screen at the time you speak . Screen Recorder DemoCreator is the tool for that purpose.

Key features

-An effective tool : this software will see all the scenes displayed on your computer screen.
Starting from the recording with different capturing modes, there are options that can be chosen like full screen, a partial or a specific size.

-Editing : Screen Recorder DemoCreator works well with a voice over recording in order to make some comments, clarifications and explanations of the presentation.
Frequent verifications are permitted whenever necessary and personalization of your
job by inserting specific images.

-Audio recording : there are devices for that definite task : microphone, sound card. The sound can be mixed with the video in a synchronized way. By doing this, the sound will correspond to the images on the video.

-Publishing : the screen can be published to websites , internet. Also, it can be saved as a video for educational purpose especially for long distance learning. .
E-mail zip attachement is another option for publishing if the files are very important and need special virus protection

System requirements

Compatible with : Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista
Memory : 13 MB


-a Free software
-Easy to use : no specific skills required while using the software


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Alternative spelling: democreator_full49_2.6.0.exe
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