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EzPop is checking the users' mailbox and notifying them when a message is coming from a given contact. It is located on the system tray after the installation.

Key Features

E-mail checker

EzPop's main function is to keep track of all incoming emails from a given mailbox. When a new message is arriving, double-click on the mailbox enables to open and read it. Other options allow filtering spam and saving attachment.


After detecting an incoming email, EzPop notifies users with an image of the mailbox, a sound or a pop-up. It is then up to their choice to open the message, check for its content or directly reply for the email. The alarm sound can be customized.


EzPop is endowed with a skinnable interface meaning that the display color can be adjusted to the users' needs. It is possible to only display Headers when notifications are coming up. Apart from them, it supports hidden mode too.


  • EzPop can be used and downloaded free of charge.
  • The sleek interface is facilitating the program's handling.
  • This program supports several accounts.


  • Nothing to report.


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