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People agree that when an artist paints something, it does not only catch the moment but also gives an eternal life to the photograph. Photo to Sketch converts digital photos into beautiful work of art

Key features

Photo to Sketch can be used to check pictures. Otherwise it can substitute Office application since it gives the same tool. Each pixel is remarkably represented by the software. You may think that the picture is beautiful. Once the application modifies it, you will find it much better. It looks as if an artist had painted and gave it amazing effects by only using pencils and brush. If you check the picture bellow, you will notice that nothing changes but everything. To enhance the particularity of the picture, the application allows you to use 20 effects on your photos, such as Vintage Photo, Cartoon, Pen and Ink Sketch, Painting, mixed effects, etc. You only have to refer to the topic of the picture. The software version is translated in 18 of the most spoken languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. It also presents an intuitive visual interface that eases its handling.

System requirements

  • Memory: 256 MB.
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Processor: Pentium 200 MHz
  • Hard drive: 11 Mo of available disk space.


The application is totally free. It is composed of wonderful painting styles. The software is very easy to use.

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Alternative spelling: Sketch_Master_setup-3.5.exe, Sketch_Master_setup.exe
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