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Netop School

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Netop School
Windows 2000, Windows Vista, English

Education has now integrated technology to its strategy. As Teachers cannot be everywhere at once, Netop School is free management school software that lets you see each screen in class. You will know whether they are visiting the right websites.

DEMO version - offer has expired

Key features :

-Eagle eye : Students will have no secret as you can look at their screen side by side like thumbnails. Furthermore, you can also check more details of what are they doing, and thus detects students that need help.
-Showing the right direction : Netop School can supervise student work by advising them in their choice or maybe restricting access to some websites.
-Share files in class : teachers and students in the classroom will check out the same file. That process can be used in training.
-Teacher-student chat : to help young people personally, teachers can chat with them. Such dialogue will allow them to present all difficulties.
-Customizable classroom view : teacher can define the appropriate environment. Netop School can personalize parameters.
-Remote Shutdown and wake-up : you can start, restart or turn off the computers in your class at once. This can be implemented to one or a group of computers. That is to say that they would better spend their time on their lesson than on their computer.

System requirements :

-Memory : 762MB
-Processor : Pentium 4 at least 1.4Ghz
-Operating systems :Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits)
-Hard drive : 180MB of free disk space.

Pros :

-The application is free.
-The software contributed a lot in student researches.

Cons :

-If you want to get all features, you have to purchase the licensed version.

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