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Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Blockallow is a parental tool for protecting children to consult some badly chosen Websites on their computer. This program is simple to use and enables to block and authorize the access to some sites at any time.

Key Features

  • Blocking: once Blockallow is downloaded and installed on the computer system, it will ask users to list Websites to block. For that, the user just has to enter the URL and the keyword of a given site and the application does the rest. One thing is sure, these websites will be impossible to open.
  • Authorized Website: concerning allowed websites, the process is quite the same. The user will have to copy paste a keyword or the URL of the website and Blockallow manages to do the rest. It is also possible to build a complete list of all sites and any browser on the system will not open them.
  • Downloads: apart from blocking the inappropriate Website, the user is also given the possibility to ban file transfer. Indeed, Blockallow can block downloads from several applications, online servers and online file sharing websites.


  • Blockallow is compatible with any Web browser.
  • Parents can easily make use of this tool.


  • This trial version can be used for 30 days.


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Alternative spelling: blockallow-3.13.exe, blockallow.exe