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AirStop Wireless

AirStop Wireless
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
AirStop Wireless is a software that prevents laptops and tablets to automatically connect to unauthorized WIFI except the one defined by the user. This program is developed and published by Code Red Systems.

Key Features

  • Pre-defined wireless network: AirStop Wireless's main feature is to force the access to pre-define wireless network to connect to the laptop or tablet. Thanks to this option, there is no risk that the device automatically connects to another untrusted and unwanted WIFI.
  • Security: only the computer's administrator has the privilege to control WIFI parameters. Other users (end-users) cannot modify them. This makes sure that only the authorized office or home's WIFI can be used. This program is also protected against hackers.
  • LAN connection: it may happen that the laptop or the tablet is connected to a local network using a LAN cable. For that, AirStop Wireless prevents WIFI automatic connection.


  • The installation file size only weighs 2.3 MB.
  • AirStop Wireless is hundred percent safe.
  • This program offers an intuitive interface that is highly facilitating its handling and mastering.


  • This trial version is valid for 30 days.


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