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ShortKeys Lite

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ShortKeys Lite
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Do you know that it is possible to avoid the routine tasks of the mouse and keyboard? All that you have to do is to install ShortKeys Lite on your computer. ShortKeys Lite is a program which allows you to replace Windows standard commands by using macros to insert texts. With these macros, you can do any simple or complex task including insertion of simple words, URLs, multiple line of texts and much more. It allows you to choose the key words used to execute macros and invites you to add a prefix or suffix to them in order to differentiate them from regular words. It is very easy to use because all that you have to do is to type the key words so that ShortKeys Lite executes the related commands.


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Alternative spelling: skeylite_2.3b.exe