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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Snowbird is a software that assists its user in file management. It also includes a search engine that helps quickly find a specific document stored into the PC's hard disks.

Key Features

File manager: Snowbird offers various options for sorting files so as the user can easily find them. It can organize documents and folders in hard disks and also elements stored into an external removable storage device.

Search option: this program is provided with a powerful search engine. This function allows quickly find a specific element wherever it is located in the hard disks or in another removable device.

Categorizing: in order to make it easier to browse the search results, Snowbird automatically classifies them into different categories. It gathers together files, text documents, images and web pages. This system of categorization is also used in the file management component.


Snowbird is lightweight.

It requires few memory and system resources.

Snowbird is downloadable for free.

It offers a simple a user-friendly interface that makes its handling easy.


Nothing special to report.


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