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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Fun4Word is a lightweight utility for enhancing and adding fun to Microsoft Word's functions. This add-in by Andrea Incani enables to apply funny formatting to some parts of a selected text.

Key Features

  • Position: Fun4Word can reverse the position of all letters typed on a Word document. It is already packed with several templates such as Wave, Text going up and down as well as the Apice Notmale Pedice that the user can select.
  • Effects: concerning funny functions, Fun4Word offers a compendium of them. For instance, it enables to reverse or mirror letters on the Word. It is possible to mix characters with words and change the orientation of text either vertical or horizontal.
  • Utility and formatting: these options are mainly focusing on helping users to enhance Word's functions. For that, they are free to remove end paragraph or head automatic. It is also possible to enframe characters and words.
  • Miscellaneous: apart from these features, Fun4Word also allows its users to change the color of each typed word and even encrypt and decrypt a sentence. The list of characters and commands are various, especially for this latest version.


  • Fun4Word offers 69 functions that the user can profit from.
  • It is simple to handle.


  • Nothing to report.


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Alternative spelling: Fun4Word2.60.exe