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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
We cannot deny that technology makes life easier. ChickenPing confirms these sayings since it is especially designed to create, download, rate, and share recipes.

Key Features

  • Recipe organizer: a list of foods to buy and their amount are automatically created for each recipe. Users can also add other ingredients if needed. In addition, you can easily find a dish to cook depending on what you have in the fridge. Thus, it is no longer necessary to worry about the daily recipe; ChickenPing takes care of it for you.
  • Recipe download and sharing: as a cooking software, ChickenPing has many recipes that can be cooked later on. To do this, simply download the database application. Nevertheless, it is also possible to share your own recipes to your friends and relatives.
  • Nutritional analysis: in addition to the functions mentioned above, the software can also evaluate the rate of calorie that the recipe brings. For instance, it can define the rate of fat contained in a dish. Therefore, we can easily keep the line while trying new recipes. In other words, you can eat healthily.
  • Wine collections: with ChickenPing, you can also add your favorite wines and organize them according to their country of origin or types. Thus, the catalog of wines comes automatically when needed.


  • ChickenPing is downloadable free of charge.
  • It is available for Windows Mobile.


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