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AxCrypt 64 bit

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AxCrypt 64 bit
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
AxCrypt 64 bit is an efficient and powerful encryption tool. It allows protecting important and sensitive data against malicious persons and hackers.

Key Features

Encryption algorithm: in order to prevent other persons to access the user's documents, AxCrypt 64 bit uses a powerful 256 bits AES algorithm when encrypting data. It prevents all other people from viewing, copying or printing files.

Password: for a powerful data protection, this program allows the user to password-protect files. By this way, they cannot be unlocked without providing the right password. It is possible to apply this process both to files and folders.

Self-decrypting files: this program encrypts files such a way that they are presented as executable applications in .EXE format. By this way, they support self-decrypting so that they can be decrypted on any other computer where AxCrypt 64 bit is not installed.

Importing: AxCrypt 64 bit is simple and easy-to-use. It is no longer needed to import files to the program's interface, the user just has to right click on them and select "Encrypt" in the context menu.


AxCrypt 64 bit is downloadable for free.

It is available in multilingual versions.


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Alternative spelling: AxCrypt-1.7.3156.0-Setup.exe
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