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Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Direct Wave is a professional audio editing program. It offers a wide range of necessary functions to manipulate an audio file.

Key features

Editing: with DirectWave, any beginner user can quickly edit audio files in a professional way. In this regard, it provides a wide range of effects that can be applied directly on the file such as chorus, delay and various filters effects.

Arranging: software provides, on its interface, a tool to arrange sound. It is illustrated by a keyboard which each key is associated with a specific sound. The latter can be used to create, arrange or animate existing music mounted on the software.

Database: DirectWave contains in its database many specialized tools to edit an audio file. It includes, among others, 128-voices polyphony, 128 programmable zones, 16 parts multitimbral and other more.

Miscellaneous: the particularity with this software is that it is a multi-editor capable of mixing, editing music and also recording sounds from any MIDI devices connected to the computer such as microphone, keyboard and so on.


DirectWave is easy to handle thanks to its intuitive interface.


The software is proposed here as a demo version.


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Alternative spelling: directwavevst_install-1.4.9.exe, directwavevst_install.exe
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