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LinPlug CronoX is a real-time sampler in real time and very faithful as far as sound quality is concerned. For example, if you want a sound of large case you will get the result after various processes. It includes 4 generators, 2 filters as well as an analogue-modeled oscillator generator. It has a wavetable generator which is compatible with any sample, a sample player which is able to load up to 64 samples at once, editable arpeggiator with 32 steps. It is possible to schedule the beginning of the reading of every sample independently to the internal clock. It is compatible with WAV and AIFF formats up to 24bits/96kHz. It still has many features but it takes time to list them so the best thing to do it to try it by downloading it.


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Alternative spelling: CronoX_3_Demo_Installer_3.6.1.exe
Latest update on September 20, 2010 at 06:52 AM.