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Nothing is more annoying than thinking about everyday’s meal. That is why software such as CookBook+Calendar has been developed to free you from this kind of torment. Designed for cooking professionals and housewives, it is also useful for those who are in diet.

Key features

  • Sheduling: CookBook+Calendar is a software which helps you to schedule the menu of your breakfast, lunches, dinners or diet. Indeed, it will display you a specific recipe for any calendar day, holidays and time to start cooking. Apart from that, it is also possible to edit a shopping list according to available stored recipes ingredients.
  • Loading: the recipe scheduling is easy to achieve. You just have to drag and drop a specific recipe on specific day and that’s all. CookBook+Calendar supports almost all formats even HTML files. This ability really makes recipe storing easier. Otherwise, the program can also print your recipes or send them into a memory stick.
  • Organized: all recipes that have been saved in the program’s database are automatically ranked in order to simplify research. They can be sorted by name, by ingredients or by other items. This gives you the opportunity to get a recipe according to your available ingredients.


  • The program’s downloading is for free.


  • This is a trial version.


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Alternative spelling: CookBookSetup_2.2.exe
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