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L-Lingo Korean

L-Lingo Korean
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
L-Lingo Korean is a tool for learning Korean languages. It includes exercises and videos that deal with daily situations so that learners can more practice it.

Key Features

Lessons: L-Lingo Korean contains 105 lessons and is similar to 1-2 years of university studies. The database contains various themes of everyday life. These themes may focus on social life, nature, professional dialogues and more.

Vocabulary: this program incorporates a database where words to be learned are stored. Then, learners have the opportunity to study thousands of words, common phrases, expressions and Korean proverbs.

Audio-visual features: L-Lingo Korean also integrates audio-visual files in order to bring assistance to the user when learning pronunciations. These elements can be adapted to the user's learning style and level.

Current expression and dialogue: this utility contains 5 specific lessons that deal with the most common Korean expressions and dialogues. This allows the user to master practical elements such as asking direction, for example.


This tool offers the ability to print lessons and manuals.

The user can profit from pronunciation lessons provided by a native speaker.


This shareware version contains limited number of lessons.


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Alternative spelling: l-lingo_kor_trial_setup-5.6.29.exe, l-lingo_kor_trial_setup.exe
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