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10-Strike Connection Monitor

10-Strike Connection Monitor
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
10-Strike Connection Monitor is a software that can monitor shared resources on a network. It also allows the administrator user to enable or disable the access to network shares.

Key Features

  • Monitoring: on the main window of this program, all details about each computer user are displayed. 10-Strike Connection Monitor shows on this same interface all connected users with opened resources as well as the current event of the activity in question.
  • Notification: if a user is opening a shared file or folder, 10-Strike Connection Monitor can easily alert the administrator for that. This option is entirely customizable giving the possibilities to run as an email message, a sound or other methods.
  • Blacklist settings: via this option, 10-Strike Connection Monitor makes it simple to block viewing and downloading shared files and folders. For that, the user and the computer names need to be inserted previously to it.


  • 10-Strike Connection Monitor is simple to use.
  • The interface is intuitive.
  • It helps to watch the user access logs and configure program settings.


  • This is a trial version that expires after 30 days.


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Alternative spelling: connectionmonitor-pro-4.2.exe, connectionmonitor-pro.exe
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