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Super Monster Painter Extreme

Super Monster Painter Extreme
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Super Monster Painter Extreme is an arcade game based on matching colors with an aim to annihilate monsters. This game is developed by Johan Peitz and published by Free Lunch Design.

Key Features

  • Player versus player: with two players, the one will have to control the horizontal line containing monsters and the one, the vertical line. To annihilate monsters, they will have to be shot by the selected painting. The game is over when all the monsters are eliminated and colors are spread throughout the room.
  • Player versus computer mode: Super Monster Painter Extreme can be played in solo. For this case, the gamer should only fight monsters. It is possible to configure the level of difficulty to make it appropriate for the jurisdiction of each gamer.
  • Display and levels: Super Monster Painter Extreme comes with an intuitive interface that makes the game easy to handle. The gamer can enjoy several levels. They are getting even harder when a level is completed.


  • Super Monster Painter Extreme is downloadable free of charge.


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Alternative spelling: smpe_install-1.0.exe, smpe_install.exe
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