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These days, the amount of data that you can get from the Internet can be uncontrollable, especially if you download a lot of stuffs or install many applications. The problem with that, is that you can easily fill-up your drives and get into stressing situations. Fortunately, there is DriveSpacio, which can inform you your current disk space usage so you can better manage what you do. One interesting and very useful feature of DriveSpacio, is that it’s able to give you detailed information about the space use of all the folders on your drives. Moreover, it can also give you advanced information, like the partition size, the cluster size, the amount that you use in percentage with easy to grasp charts. That way, you can easily re-gain control of what’s taking too much space on your computer and decide whether you want to keep them or not.


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Alternative spelling: drivespacio- .exe
Latest update on October 21, 2010 at 05:22 AM.