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Icesun Sound Recorder

Icesun Sound Recorder
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Icesun Sound Recorder is a sound grabber that can capture sound from several sources. The output will be saved in one of the most common audio files.

Key Features


Any signal played through the sound card can be captured by this utility. It may be streaming audio on Internet, game sounds, audio from CD or DVD players and even dialogues from a movie. Icesun Sound Recorder can capture them all.

Customizable output settings

So as to get a high quality output, Icesun Sound Recorder gives the freedom to add some adjustment to its settings. To name just a few, sample rate, sample bit as well as Mono or Stereo recording can be selected before and after the recording.

Hotkeys support

With an aim to make process goes swiftly, hotkeys can be used. Starting the recording can be accessed via CTRL+ALT+R and to stop it, CTRL+ALT+S. Anyway, it is worth to note that they may not work on some DIRECTX-GAMES, yet perfectly on other sources.

Audio functions

Being a rich-featured recorder, this utility is also built-in with a simple audio player for reading the output sound. For some MP3 files, they can be organized thanks to the ID3 tags. Output files are saved in several file formats including OGG, AAC and WAV.


  • Icesun Sound Recorder is integrated with a scheduler.
  • The sleek and intuitive interface eases its handling.


  • This is trial version that can only record 40 seconds of a file.


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Alternative spelling: irecorder-3.50.exe, irecorder.exe