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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
QuickCrypto is a multi-function software helping to protect privacy by encrypting personal data or by hiding them. It can also remove history of online activities and can retrieve deleted files or the opposite.

Key Features

Data encryption

QuickCrypto provides a feature for locking private elements with a password. It uses powerful Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Blowfish and Triple DES. It can encrypt files, folders and even e-mails.

Steganography for hiding data

This program also provides the possibility to hide files into others. For example, it is possible to hide a sensitive text file into a picture. Only the user knows this document's existence since it behaves like a common JPEG or BMP file.

Data recovering tool

Sometimes, data are accidentally erased and can not be recovered the usual way by restoring from the recycle-bin. With QuickCrypto, it is possible to recover them easily for modern NTFS or FAT.

File shredding

This software also works the opposite way by ensuring file shredding. As mentioned above, items deleted using Windows standard can be recovered. All data erased using QuickCrypto can never be retrieved thanks to the DoD 5220.22-M compliant.


  • Advanced users can choose between different encryption modes according to their needs.
  • QuickCrypto also provides a password management option for storing different passwords and Web logins.


  • This trial version is valid for 15 days.


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Alternative spelling: QCSetup-4.1T.exe, QCSetup.exe
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