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It happens that hard drives are cluttered with programs that are no longer needed. Thus, to better manage space, cleaning the system is required and PC Cleaner is there to help you in this task.

Key Features

  • Disk and register cleanup: PC Cleaner is mainly for cleaning the system. With cleaning the disk, it can delete files that are no longer used. The program also allows you to scan and repair errors in Windows registry. Therefore, the system will operate in a more efficient and stable way.
  • History deletion: PC Cleaner not only serves to clean the system, it can also contribute to preserve privacy. Indeed, the user has the option to delete browsing history and cookies. Thanks to this, no one can identify your activities on the Internet.
  • Startup management: PC Cleaner allows you to manage applications running at startup. If necessary, the user can proceed to customize the list of programs in Control Panel. This management optimizes Windows' performance.


  • PC Cleaner is efficient and lightweight.


  • This is a trial version that can be used only for a few days.


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