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Adbook PIM

Adbook PIM
Windows XP, English
Adbook PIM is an address book manager. This program gives users the possibility to manage several accounts. It can be used to save family, friends and co-workers' information.

Key Features

  • Adding data: for each created contact, the user is allowed to enter all kinds of information needed to complete the database. It is even possible to insert photos. Another option is to integrate data imported from messaging services such as Outlook Express and WAB file.
  • Contact management: to better manage all contacts, the account holder has a system of categorization whose name depends entirely on the user. At any time, the user can remove a name and details related to each topic.
  • Display: Adbook PIM offers two methods for displaying the contents of the address book. Indeed, the user is given the freedom to choose between the tree structure and a complete list of all contacts.


  • Each database-specific user data is fully encrypted.
  • It is lightweight and consumes few resources in RAM.


  • This is a trial version which is limited to 35 uses only.
  • The interface of this software is available in English only.


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Alternative spelling: adbooken.exe
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