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MakeUp Instrument is a tool designed by Timur Fatykhov. It is used for editing selfies taken from digital devices.

Key features

Editing: This is the principal reason for the creation of this program. The user can edit his photos by adding some texts for example or overlaying different images. He then may save the changes that he made.

Instruments: MakeUp Instrument also offers various tools for the image editing. The device for adjusting the color levels for instance, or the brush which sizes up to 500x500 pixels.

Makeup: Having facial or body imperfections, this tool will help not only female but also male users to remove them in their photos with the makeup option. They can put some lipstick, eyeliner or whatever she wants to hide them.

Image format: MakeUp Instrument supports formats of different types. Whether it is JPEG, PNGor JPG, they can always be modified. During the saving process, the user can also chose the format he wants the new pictures to be.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8

File Size: 4.51MB


The program supports many languages.

It offers a video tutorial to help users in better understanding of its manipulation.


This is in a trial version of MakeUp Instrument.

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Alternative spelling: PhotoInstrument_setup-7.3.exe, PhotoInstrument_setup.exe
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