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Watchdog - O - Matic

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Watchdog - O - Matic
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Watchdog - O - Matic is a utility for monitoring and diagnosing issues on key software. So then, it can detect problems and optimize the computer's performance.

Key Features

Application monitoring: once installed on the system, Watchdog - O - Matic is going to check if all programs and applications on the PC are well functioning. It is also possible to select an item depending on the users' choice.

Control: in case an application is not working correctly or is even stopped accidentally, Watchdog - O - Matic is going to reboot it automatically. At the same time, the user can also save all errors which can be viewed afterwards.

Notification: since this tool is automatically saving errors, it can also alert the user of that. Watchdog - O - Matic is going to send a notification by email to him. This is avoiding opening the program and searching for the report manually.


Watchdog - O - Matic can check renowned applications like ICQ, Outlook and PTF servers.

It is a practical tool.


This trial can only be used for free during 15 days.


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Alternative spelling: wsetup-5.2.exe, wsetup.exe
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