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Evidence Washer

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Evidence Washer
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Evidence Washer can remove traces of online activities when surfing the Web. Searched information and private data are closely guarded secret.

Key Features

Online activities

Evidence Washer supports deleting traces of online activities on Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL as well as Netscape (version 4, 6 and 7) and Mozilla. Among deleted items are temporary typed URLs, cookies and download folder memory.

Clear Windows files

Concerning files registered on the system, Evidence Washer can erase them too. This means that all temporary files generated while on the Web as well as clipboard data and other items can be selected and deleted permanently by this tool.

Freeing up space

By erasing temporary files on the system, the performance of the latter is sure to increase. Indeed, hidden data, index files, history and others may clutter the system and slows it down. All installed programs can be managed and their startup monitored.


  • Evidence Washer can improve Internet surfing speed.
  • It is packed with a Random Password Generator.
  • This utility can delete files and folders permanently.


  • This version is only a trial one.


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