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TweakUI Microsoft allows to modify numerous Windows options which are not normally accessible.
We find (among other options):
- Activate the automatic connection ( logon )
- The possibility of deactivating certain visual effects
- Deactivate the auto play of CD and DVD readers
- Prevent the applications from putting itself in foreground
- Modify the behaviour of the mouse (knurl, etc.).
- Deactivate options of the start-up menu (recent documents, etc.) -
- Erase automatically the list of the recent documents
- Modify the multimedia keyboards actions (supplementary keys)-
- Modify the favourite files in the file opening / closure dialogues
- Deactivate the help bubbles
- Delete the desk icons (bin, my documents, favourite network...)
- Mask icons in the configuration panel

There are 2 versions of TweakUI:
- For Windows XP/2003: http: // owertoys / xppowertoys.mspx
- For the other version of Windows (95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000): http: // ds / PowerToys / Networking / NTTweakUI.asp

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Alternative spelling: Setup_ia64.exe