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Rental Calendar

Rental Calendar
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Reserved for individuals, small or mid-sized businesses, Rental Calendar can help in organizing rental activities. Resources, reservations and even customers can be managed with this utility.

Key Features

Rental activities manager: whether it is for renting cards, boats or houses, Rental Calendar can keep track of them all with the goal to avoid associated problems. All customers, sources and the name of the rental unit are tracked on the interface.

Search and sort: in case the user wants to search for a given unit, resource or a customer, Rental Calendar is packed with this option to better categorize all rental units. A calendar can be viewed at the right side of the interface to facilitate search.

Data exchange: some applications such as Apple iCal, several Android apps and Microsoft Exchange Server are compatible with Rental Calendar. This means that this utility can be used to swap data to and from these applications.

Export: a report can be generated from the rental activities organization. Once obtained, this report can be directly printed to paper version or exported to other formats (PDF, XML and others) to be sent to other applications or email services.


  • Rental Calendar is essential for all rental activity owners.
  • Its interface is sleek and intuitive.


  • This trial version is restricted in terms of features.


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Alternative spelling: RentalCalendarSetup-4.6.exe, RentalCalendarSetup.exe
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