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Ezy Invoice

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Ezy Invoice
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
To avoid losing important documents such as invoices, it is better to classify them in a safe place. Ezy Invoice will keep your different types of documents such as invoice, credit note, delivery, etc, in secure place. It also helps in the management and monitoring of a project.

Key Features

  • Storage: Ezy Invoice is a tool that you can use to organize your business documents. It offers a large storage capacity and can store any type of documents: invoices, delivery notes, letters, bills of sale, credit rating, etc.
  • Track stock movement: as the software records all inputs and outputs of goods in the company, it can also track the movement of stocks and stock on hand. If not, it is better to know that the data also facilitates the creation of an inventory.
  • Payments: with Ezy Invoice, you can keep an eye on the movements (revenue and expenditure) of the company. Indeed, users can view receivables from customers and debt providers to be able to recover or refund.
  • Project Management: Ezy Invoice’s goal is not just only managing invoices since it can also be used to follow up on a project or task. It allows you to see the status (start, current, finished, etc.) of each project and manage them.
  • Create report: finally, this software can also generate different types of reports (sales, customer payment, debtor, etc.) in a matter of minutes. These reports can be printed or emailed via the interface.


  • Ezy Invoice is easy to use and practical.


  • You have to pay for a license to enjoy the full features.


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Alternative spelling: ezyinvoice10-, ezyinvoice10.exe
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