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Address Organizer Deluxe

Address Organizer Deluxe
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Address Organizer Deluxe is an administrator of contacts and personal addresses. It has been designed by PrimaSoft PC, Inc and is featured with several options. Here are some details.

Key features

Information: The user is offered the possibility to insert detailed information of his contacts. The software enables him to view it according to his preferences. He can for instance, filter by name or addresses. Searching process is also simple with that.

Data field: Address Organizer Deluxe has several fields which group data entry elements. There are for instance the graphical field allowing to insert images of JPEG and PNG pictures, the phone field which has a dial function and so on.

Customization: This software is completely customizable and allows the user to do what he thinks fit. He can for instance define the font, size and color of the organizer. Defining the labels will also change the meaning of data entry.


Address Organizer Deluxe allows to backup data to multiple diskettes.

Its interface can be translated in several languages.


This is a trial version.


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Alternative spelling: ado-4.0.exe, ado.exe
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