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Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner

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2008.1.1.12 (latest version)
Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English

Organizing and planning are important in everyday life. Desktop calendar and personal planner can help you manage and handle all of your tasks in a very timely manner.

Key features

- Planning : the software gives you an idea of a short term or long term planning in your project. You will have a general overview of your schedule so that priority order is necessary to be set.

- Organizing : Desktop calendar and Personal Planner can make some schedule arrangements if needed to avoid any overlap in the tasks. Meaning that it is necessary to set priority in order to get more organized and avoid any delay in life

- Time management : this software gives you access to calendar for your daily activities as there is a possibility to write down the different works that should be achieved everyday.Smooth running of your business depends on your time management

-Personalization : the settings and templates can be changed if you want to select images or insert personalized photos every month for a better view. Also, you can even print it out for your desk decoration.

System requirements

-Size 3.5MB
-It can be installed on different computers like Windows T/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7.


The only thing you have to do is to enter all your important dates so that the computer could save them. By doing it, you will never miss important dates


As a shareware, it can be downloaded from you computer. However, you have to renew your subscription whenever it is required because it is valid only for 30 days.


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Alternative spelling: Desktop_Calendar_and_Planner_Software.exe