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SkyORB is an astronomy program that allows travelling around the space using a 3D version of the solar system. It offers a large catalog of stars, planets, satellites and other spatial objects to explore.

Key Features

Galaxy viewing

SkyORB allows exploring the universe without a telescope. It offers the ability to view planets, stars, comets and all the galaxy elements. Thanks to this tool, the user is free to travel all around the space just using his Mac.


It is simple to navigate through the whole galaxy thanks to the 3D interface that this program proposes. The user has just to click and hold on a specific part of the universe. Then, he can drag left and right, up and down to change the viewing angle.

Search option

SkyORB also consists of a powerful search engine. The user has just to enter a keyword and the software will automatically move to what he is looking for. For example, he can enter a planet's name and he will be brought to this one.


  • It is available in multilingual versions (French, German and Russian).
  • This tool offers a very good image quality.


  • This is a demo version.


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