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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
The work in a construction industry needs a real precision. Inflexion-EF is a software which helps the user to calculate the strength of materials. Below are some of its features.

Key features

Calculation: The program enables the user to calculate the exact dimensions and the strength of the beams depending on the used materials. It will enable him to have a large margin of the maneuver before going to the work site.

Capacity: Inflexion-EF can support 25 different types of section including 7 types of standard beams and 18 setting constraint schemes. Thus, its use is available for any kind of construction site. The user can manually insert the value if needed.

Force search: The software offers the user the possibility to find the forces that underlie the installation. In addition, he will be able to easily find the constraint according to the arrows that are shown on the interface.


Inflexion-EF is an useful program specially for people working in the construction industry.

It enables the user to create a model and edit it when necessary.

It gives graphical result which makes the work easy to understand.


This is a demo version.

It is in French.


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