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Easy FAT Data Recovery

Easy FAT Data Recovery
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Easy FAT Data Recovery is a software program by MunSoft, developed for FAT recovery on all types of machines and storage media, provided they use FAT file system. The program is powered by Raw Search which is a search algorithm that can recover FAT files even if the file system itself is corrupted. The entries can be lost but the data is still preserved and Raw Search can extract all that's left. The program was written for Windows and it also works if the files have been deleted in DOS. Easy FAT Data Recovery deals with all types of media, damaged or new, it can restore over 100 types of files using Raw Search and many more. The program can scan as large a hard drive as possible, although accordingly FAT recovery will take more time. This FAT recovery software works in FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. If a file system is damaged by a virus, Easy FAT Data Recovery can restore all data that's still available. Each file can be previewed and then restored, Formatted and Recycle Bin deleted data can be recovered as well. If a file is still physically present on the hard drive, the program can scan the drive and get that data back. The program works in Windows 2000 - 7 and offers a full support of Unicode symbols.


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Alternative spelling: EasyFATDataRecovery-Setup-3.0.exe, EasyFATDataRecovery-Setup.exe
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