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Memory Booster

Memory Booster
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Optimizing the RAM of the computer system can considerably increase the performance of the latter especially in executing all tasks. Memory Booster has been conceived for this purpose.

Key Features

Defragmentation: Memory Booster performs a follow-up of the use of the RAM in real time. It enables to defragment the latter by clicking on the "Optimize Memory" button. This action is aimed at optimizing the speed of all processes.

Optimization: in order to increase the performance of the RAM, Memory Booster focuses on the user of Windows API. It manages all spaces on the latter and by that, frees up utilized spaces which may be the cause of the PC's cluttering.

Settings: this program can be customized to be active at a specific time of the day. For that, the user just needs to define the moment in which the defragmentation and optimization can start.


Memory Booster can be downloaded free of charge.
This program is simple to install with only a few clicks to perform.
Different information about the software and hardware of the PC can be obtained easily.


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