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ANts P2P

ANts P2P
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
It is necessary to remain anonymous when accessing a website to prevent from fraudulent hackers. ANts P2P has been developed by Roberto Rossi to ensure this function.

Key features

Transfer: ANts P2P enables file exchange including the sending and receiving. For that the user has to define the different information like port connection number as well as the IP address of the recipient. The transfer can be permanently uploaded.

Security: This software uses an encrypted tunnel system in order to secure the files which are transferred. The access to digital data can only occur when it reaches the client who made the request.

Limitation: ANts P2P offers the user the possibility to set restriction about the access to the data which are in his system. He can for instance be able to limit the maximal number of download or the people having access to it.

Communication: It is possible for the user to chat with other people who are connected. They can make it through instant messaging that is displayed as pop- up on the window.


ANts P2P is an open source software.


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