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YamiPod is a solution developed by Tomas Camin so as to facilitate data transfer between an iPod and the computer. It offers other functions such as file sync and management.

Key Features

  • File transfer: YamiPod can be of a great help for file transferring between the iPod and the system. With this application, the user will be able to synchronize audio files easily. Note that iPods are automatically recognized by this program.
  • Information editing: ID3 tag is supported by the program. This also means that editing these details is feasible. This is essential for searching for a specific audio file on the portable media player. It can also extract these details from the iPod.
  • File manager: duplicate files can be automatically detected and deleted by YamiPod. It also enables to move a file into another location and delete some if needed be. Playlists and tracks from the PC can also be transferred to the iPod.
  • Miscellaneous: YamiPod is integrated with a simple player and options to import and export playlists. It supports Unicode. Browsing the Web and searching for a new update are not necessary since this version is already packed with an auto-download.


  • YamiPod does not require any installation to be launched on the system.
  • It is available in 28 languages.


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