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Bible Bright Reader

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Bible Bright Reader
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
Bible becomes accessible for daily reading due to the Bible Bright Reader software which can follow its users everywhere.

Key features:

  • Choice : the users can see 3 Bible versions in this software : King James Version which is the oldest version, American Standard Version and the Young’s Literal Translation.
  • Search : it is possible to select the book, chapter and verses that the users want to read either in the Old or the New Testament.
  • Customization : users can choose and highlight the chapter or verses which seem more important. Also, users can add personal notes for explanation. That way, it is very easy to locate them in the Bible.
  • Interface : simple and intuitive interface. The text size can be adjusted according to the users’ need in order to avoid any eyestrains.
  • Printing : the software can perform printing for personal use or for filing. Also, it is possible to share and spread the hard copy for those who do not have computer access.
  • Database : Bible Bright Reader keeps the record like the date, time, when the users read the Bible without forgetting the chapter and verses.


  • A shareware that makes the users read the Bible easily.


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Alternative spelling: BibleBrightReader_2.0.exe
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