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Black Book

3.0 (latest version)
Black Book
Windows XP, English
Black Book is a telephone directory. It allows you to store your passwords, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses or other information requiring encryption. The application can be run from a USB key. The software is a shareware version which expire after 30 days of use.

Key features.

  • A multifunction software : can do many things concerning the schedule, recording all contacts' information. This can be useful to keep data secret to avoid them spreading out somewhere.
  • Safe : there is no reason to lose the information as long as it is recorded in the software. You can keep all the data as long as you want and you do not have to worry about the, this - Black book will manage your time in a very amazing way
  • Professional use: work and business related information is always confidential so as nobody should not have access to it. Restricted access to the software is only for people who have to work on this information

System requirements

  • The software works best with Win 98, XP
  • Memory : 398kB


  • It is useful for reminding all the contact information details such as useful phone numbers, email addresses, because there is a time when people become forgetful due to stress and other factors.

Cons :

  • Needs some improvements to have the impression that sensitive information are kept in a secured place.


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Alternative spelling: BlackBookInstaller.exe