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Block Prog

Block Prog
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Block Prog is a parental control software that allows limiting children's activities on a given computer. It also helps parents to restrict the access to some programs and websites.

Key Features

  • Time limit: this tool's main function is to limit the time for using the PC. Parents can define how long each child can use the computer according to their ages.
  • Program filtering: as its name indicates, Block Prog also allows to restrict what programs can be opened by the child. Thanks to this option, it is possible to limit access to certain video games or some e-mail messaging clients.
  • Internet control: this utility also provides help to limit online activities. The administrator may prohibit visiting some Websites that contains pornography, violence, racism and over more.
  • password protection: it is possible to guard the software settings with a password. By this way, only the administrator (parents) can modify parameters or uninstall the program. End-users can never change them.


  • Block Prog is simple to start-up.


  • This version is a shareware.


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Alternative spelling: setup_block_prog_25.69.exe
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