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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English

HiddenDIR is among the best encryption tool of the moment. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to handle.

Key Features

  • Encryption: HiddenDIR allows the administrator to protect personal data. When the elements are locked, no user can access them. It uses a powerful encryption algorithm to properly secure data.
  • Adding files: once the software is launched, all items on the disk are displayed on the interface. You just have to tick the one you want to encrypt. Since it is powerful, it can lock multiple files simultaneously.
  • Password: HiddenDIR offers the possibility to create a password. This system enables to enhance the security of encrypted elements. To unlock the protection, just type the right code.
  • Version: this software is unique for its being portable. It requires no installation process. It can run from a USB key, memory card or other removable storage media.

System requirements

  • Operating Systems: Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7.
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Required disk space: 160 KB


  • This software is completely free.
  • It is lightweight and consumes few resources in RAM.


  • Nothing special to report.

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