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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
PreviSat is program designed to monitor satellites on a world map. It helps to obtain satellite's position and to determine their order of appearance.

Key features

Monitoring: with this tool, it is possible to know the direction or the movement of satellites in real time and at a chosen date. This program also offers the opportunity to forecast their appearance simultaneously.

Evaluation: PreviSat is able to predict satellites' exact position thanks to their equatorial or topocentric coordinates. It assesses the flashes that Iridium satellites transmit. This tool also calculates the time of transit of the object in front of the moon and the sun.

Customization: this program is packed with a tool which can select and categorize places of observation. New ones can be created though. All items needed to get the most precise data are available in this tool.

Supported formats: PreviSat can work with a wide range of standard formats to save the output file. For instance, it supports TXT, TLE, or GZ formats. Therefore, the output can be opened on other applications.


This is an Open Source.


Every 10 days, the data must be updated.


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