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Cool Record Edit Deluxe

Cool Record Edit Deluxe
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Cool Record Edit Deluxe is a tool for editing and recording audio files. Other tools and effects can be added to the sound so as to enhance it.

Key Features

  • Recorder: Cool Record Edit Deluxe can capture sounds that come from all devices connected to the computer such as vinyl turntables, Internet radio, live performances and other sound source. After that, it is up to the user to set the sound source, the volume and the recording quality.
  • Audio editor: recorded video or a simple video stored in the hard drive can be edited by Cool Record Edit Deluxe. Among its several tools, it is worth to note that this program enables to cut, trim, split and mix audio files.
  • Audio effects: Cool Record Edit Deluxe grants users with more than 40 audio effects with no less than 200 presets. For instance, it is possible to create Normalize, Delay, Noise Gate, Vibrato and still other effects.
  • Miscellaneous: apart from these features, Cool Record Edit Deluxe is also packed with batch processing option that quickens all actions. The voice synthesis enables to convert any text into spoken audio. The output can be saved in WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG files.


  • Cool Record Edit Deluxe supports hot key control.
  • It is a full-featured program.


  • This is a shareware version that is limited in features.


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Alternative spelling: CoolRecordEditDeluxe-8.7.1.exe, CoolRecordEditDeluxe.exe